Success requires leaders with exceptional talent, and an unprecedented combination of intrepreneurialism and tacit knowledge to drive the right strategies that keep an organisation’s clients focused. O&G Skills India Pvt LTD leadership team is dedicated to driving the right strategy to accomplish this dual task of sustaining the competitive advantage for its clients while internally supporting a culture of high performance, where teamwork, accountability and results are mission critical.

“Our greatest source of professional pride rests on the idea that we create value for our clients by building leadership capacity to meet current and future business needs"

A thorough talent acquisition professional as he leverage's his vast practical experience and know-how from working across multiple functions and various geographies. Athreya is a highly experienced coach, and strategist with more than 17 years of experience to the table, along with a history of successful engagement with varied clients. He is a major catalyst driving to build value to O&G Skills India Pvt LTD clients. His meticulous yet dynamic approach focuses on helping clients understand how to optimize their strategy and align their organizations to accelerate revenue. His ability to instil confidence with his clients and build lasting partnerships is exemplary. He is an energetic and thought-provoking presenter at many industry conferences and events Globally.

“Practice what you preach..is actually practised at O&G Skills India PVT LTD, and that is what I appreciate the most. Everyday is a new day here with lots of learning and opportunities."

A thorough sales professional with deep insight into HR domain backed with professional degree-MBA-Sales & Marketing having 16 years of rich & extensive experience in staffing sales .Expertise in Understanding, Planning, Drafting and Executing Policies, Processes and Project based BUSINESS HR interventions within schedules, budgets and other specified norms.He is always at a look out for innovating concepts, exploring possibilities and developing better than planned. An attitude of always striving to give more value to his customers than the amount charged has made him and O&G Skills India Pvt LTD the most trusted partner of his clients. He can surprise people with his crisp and sharp analysis of data. He is regarded as the person of choice where one is needed to be highly result oriented . He excels with amazing inter-team co-ordination. He is accomplished at managing complex business relationships with C-level decision-makers and closing major business deals with industry leaders.His “Never say Die” approach helps him to get through all tough times.

"You are never too old to set another goal or to Dream a New Dream"