We provide general project engineers, managers, designers and CAD technicians to our clients, and also some specialists like CAE analysts, BIW/trim and hardware engineers.

A few of the popular job categories we serve for in this segment include:

  • Sr. Technical Analyst- Tactical Automation
  • Technical Author
  • CAE Technical Support
  • BIW Fixture Design
  • BIW Robot Simulation
  • PLM Trainer
  • Design Engineer – BIW Robot Simulation
  • GM - Tooling Engineering
  • Welding Fixture Design Engineer
  • BIW Design & Development
  • Engineer - Stamping Die Design
  • Engineer & A.M - Fuel System Design
  • Design Engineer - Creo / Pro E
  • Engineer – Pro-piping Design (Creo, Automotive)
  • Engineer - Tool Fixture Design
  • Assistant Manager Design ( Bus Body Design)
  • Costing Engineer
  • Automobile Spare Part Manager
  • Stores Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Material Head
  • Head Quality

The scenario is changing now. New developments (like autonomous & driverless vehicles) represent enormous opportunities even as they augur a perilous, unsteady phase for the industry. , In the face of stringent environmental norms. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must navigate the challenges of designing, manufacturing, and upgrading traditional powertrain models while staking a claim in emerging technologies and improved customer experiences. There would be several new skills sets coming into vogue here. O&G Skills has a combination of Subject Matter Experts and Sourcing/Talent Mapping Experts and Contract Staffing Experts in the Automotive sector, which is good for any kind envisagable hiring solution required by any client in this industry. Whether it is a long standing skill/technology or new upcoming one, our experts are completely clued on and upto date and ready to close your position.