Our company was built on our Group’s (Oiltech)’s strong foundation in the Oil & Gas and Marine & Shipbuilding industry. We have provided marine and shipbuilding recruiting solutions for reputed domestic and international shipyards, shipbuilding units, and marine design engineering consultancies since our inception.

As a result of our standing in the Marine & Shipbuilding community, we can quickly not only find the right person for your individual niche vacancies, but also staff entire Marine & Shipbuilding project teams. Not only this, we can go one step further and even execute the project for you through one of our Group Companies (Marintek Design & Engineering).

Some of our most commonly placed Marine & Shipbuilding jobs and technical positions include:

  • Tanker / Operation Executive
  • AGM Accounts
  • Marine Engineer Technical Support
  • Design Manager
  • Naval Architects
  • Technical Superintendent
  • Operations Superintendent
  • QST Superintendent
  • Technical Manager - Port, Harbour Project
  • Business Development Manager
  • QA/QC Engineer
  • Chief Officer
  • VTS Operator
  • Marine Technical Manager

Now new types of upcoming roles & jobs are being looked at in view of changing trends in Shipbuilding (for example Airbag ship-launching & Hauling, Advanced Outfitting and Green Ship technology).O&G Skills’s has a combination of Subject Matter Experts and Sourcing/Talent Mapping Experts and Contract Staffing Experts in the Marine & Shipbuilding sector, which is good for any kind envisagable hiring solution required by any client in this industry. Whether it is a long standing skill/technology or new upcoming one, our experts are completely clued on and upto date and ready to close your position.