Apprentice Solution

Our Apprentice Solution specializes in delivering skilled workers to organizations through on-the-job training tailored to meet their unique requirements. This program creates a chance for individuals to acquire fresh skills through practical experience, simultaneously enabling employers to nurture and grow their workforce. By doing so, the service effectively addresses the skills gap, enhances organizational productivity, and equips apprentices with invaluable work experience and training opportunities.


NAPS (National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme) and NATS (National Apprenticeship Training Scheme) are initiatives introduced by the Indian government with the aim of fostering apprenticeship training and creating opportunities for young individuals to gain valuable skills and practical experience. These programs encourage employers to actively participate in apprenticeship training by providing on-the-job guidance and relevant technical instruction to apprentices.

The primary objective of NAPS & NATS is to boost the prevalence of apprenticeships in the Indian workforce, facilitate skill development, and bridge the gap between industry demands and the availability of skilled labour. The initiatives also offer financial incentives to employers who engage apprentices and successfully complete their training.

Both employers and apprentices benefit from the NAPS & NATS programs. For employers, it presents an opportunity to cultivate a skilled workforce, enhance productivity and product quality, and curtail recruitment expenses. On the other hand, apprentices stand to gain valuable work experience, exposure to the industry, and a recognized qualification, all of which can significantly improve their employability and future career prospects

Benefits of Apprenticeship Program

Benefits of Apprenticeship Program

Utilization Of CSR Budge
Refund uptoRs.18000/Person Annum under NAPS Scheme
Making the organization – “Compliant
No PF/ ESIC or other compliance
Refund upto Rs.54000/Person Annually by Govt. under NATS Program
No obligation towards providing permanent employment